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Provident Media Group is a Denver video production company that harnesses the compelling visual power of either standard or HD video for our commercial clients. Learn More Here

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Colorado companies turn to Provident Media Group for video production services that marry creativity with a professional’s attention to detail.  We produce videos that market products and services, train employees and dealers, document an event, or build your brand. Operating out of a video production studio located between Denver and Colorado Springs, Provident Media Group can put together a video production team for local shoots or location work anywhere in the US.

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Our expertise spans TV commercial production and web video production. We create medical videos, training videos, and a variety of other types of corporate videos and marketing videos formatted either for the Web or for television. Learn More Here

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What Video Production Clients Say The best video work I have ever seen, including what is available in Hollywood on the commercial side is by Provident Media Group. –Lewis Dean Ticknor, AV Professional

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Video is a Persuasive Medium

Discover how we collaborate with clients to produce powerful visual presentations that tell compelling stories with the quality corporate clients demand. Visit our Blog.

How long is too long?

When I am talking with business owners, I am often asked how much I charge for producing a web video. In order to answer this I ask how long do they want the video to be and if they want dancing unicorns. You know, the usual stuff. Generally, they say 2­-3 minutes and no. Is […]

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Trailer for the new documentary we filmed

Its here, the new trailer for the recent documentary I filmed. Here is a bit of back story on my involvement before the trailer. So, for about 6-8 months during 2013 and beginning of 2014 I was working with Colin Gunn on his latest documentary, Wait Till It’s Free. The documentary is taking a hard and […]

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Why we use Full HD DSLRs for corporate video

So for filming corporate video, marketing video, training video, medical video, TV commercials and web video I have been asking myself a couple of questions recently- 1) why do my company and I use DSLRs to film our projects and 2) would my production company benefit from moving to 4K for all our projects? Here at Provident Media Group, we film the vast majority of our […]

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