Until recently I was somewhat down on tape based camcorders & mini dv tapes for storing video until an experience on a DVD project.

Here is the scenario:
The event is out of state.
The equipment is rented.
There are 12 one hour talks taking place over the span of 19 hours.

The talks finish and the cameras & switcher are sent back with their owner. I now have a hard drive containing all the talks which were recorded to external flash based video recorders plugged into the camera’s (In between talks I would switch CF cards out and dump the videos onto my portable hard drive). I get home, get ready to edit for the next couple of days & so I plug in the hard drive containing all of the files & lo and behold it does not start up. I plug it into another computer & same thing. I am now officially horrified and beginning to imagine the phone conversation with the client. Not good at all. After a few minutes of tenseness and sweating I hear a still small voice in my head that reminds me that I have the mini dv tapes (which I recorded to as backup). Bells start ringing, birds begin to sing & I hear a choir singing the Hallelujah chorus. The project is not dead after all, but I do have to capture about 40 hours of footage. Yes it is a lot of time, but think about it, it was completely worth it!

Now the product has been done for about a month & honestly, I can say that if given the option I will record to mini dv tapes for backup & something flash based for primary. Let me know of your experiences with tapes and even horror stories that turned into success stories because you had a back up.

So thought for this post? Have backups & if possible backups of your backup (in different locations too…. not just separate folders on your computer.)

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  1. Idalia

    That saves me. Thanks for being so senbsile!

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