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Two weeks ago I posted a study on effective testimonials and asked for your response on which of four testimonials you liked the best. If you want to read the original post click here. If you voted in the study, thank you so much for contributing! I asked voters to rank a testimonial on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the best) on how likely they are to work with the company who the testimonial was for. Without further delay, here are the results, which might surprise you. They surprised me for sure!

Company A (Average vote 5.7)

“I probably spoke to about 5 different companies before deciding on Company A. It’s challenging finding skilled reliable people to do this service so I wanted to be confident that I found the right team. As expected, they delivered everything I was looking for and on time. We definitely plan on using them again in the future!”

– Happy Customer

Company B (Average vote 6.35)





Company C (Average Vote 6.8)

“Company C took on the task of pulling together a product for an upcoming event and did it with integrity. When (my) travel plans got messed up, they readily took over the whole process for me. My clients gave very positive feedback from their experience talking with them and I saw the same too as we talked through our plans. The resulting product was something we were all proud of. I’ll hire Company C again next time I need similar services, I didn’t have to worry about a thing through the whole process.”

– Happy Customer

Company D (Average 7.2)

Company D did an amazing job bringing to life my vision for the product.  Company D and their team carefully listened to my ideas and gently suggested alternatives.  They was very responsive to alterations and patient during the creation process.  The synergy created a fantastic and powerful product that exceeded my original vision.  I highly recommend that you consider working with Company D on your next project.

-Happy Customer

Here are the results for the overall top pick:

  1. Company D
  2. Company B
  3. Company C
  4. Company A

My Takeaway?

In all honesty I expected the video testimonial to win the overall top choice. It almost did, but Company D and Company B were one vote away from a tie in the overall top choice. By the way, I didn’t vote in this study. So what did I learn? Well something I have heard many times before, content is king. Whether your content is presented in video or text form, what is being said and how it is said matters. Also, the structure of the testimony seems to matter as well (see company D).  Here is my short analysis of each of the testimonials and why I think they placed where they did.

  • Company A: The testimonial spoke of Company A being selected against 5 competitors. Also, they delivered on time and the customer plans on using them again.
    • The first part of the testimonial talks about the client talking with 5 companies before deciding on Company A. However, the process of working with Company A and the client’s desire to work with them in the future is last.
  • Company B: The client spoke about their favorite part being working together with the company. Also, they loved the end product.
    • The process of working with the company is at the forefront and the end product is at the very last portion of the video.  It is interesting to me that Company B & C both mention the process first and both scored higher than Company A, which mentioned the process last.
  • Company C: The company delivered even when things didn’t work out as planned on the client’s side of things. The client’s customers were pleased with the process, they were proud of the end product and the client will hire them again.
    • The process of working with the company is mentioned at the beginning of the testimony, then the problem that was solved followed by the client’s customer’s response and finally the client’s satisfaction with the end result. It is interesting to me that Company B & C both mention the process first and both scored higher than Company A, which mentioned the process last.
  • Company D: The testimonial spoke of the product exceeding their original vision and the recommendation of the company came at the end. By the way, it had a spelling/grammatical error as well.
    • The interesting thing here is that this testimonial is the only one were the product is mentioned from the start. The process is described in detail (carefully listening, gently suggesting alternatives, being patient with the client and the resulting synergy that yielded a product better than they had envisioned). It is interesting that on all the other testimonials the product was at the end of the testimonials. This might be something to look at.

I saved the best for last…

The winner of the $25 starbucks gift card is (drumroll): Brian P. from Colorado!

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