The Client

SolarTAC is an interesting company. What they offer is a testing facility for solar technology companies. They are the only public facility in the world that offers a place where companies can setup their equipment and test it in a real world environment and be able to tie into the electrical grid. On top of that they are the largest facility in the USA.

The Problem

So with the above info, you can see that SolarTAC is unique to the solar technology industry. A common problem that the SolarTAC representatives where having was this. They would be at a tradeshow or talking with someone and a question like this would be asked “So, do you all make solar panels or solar equipment?”. The representative now has a problem, because the person they are talking to has a preconceived idea of what they do which is inaccurate. The rep now has to start from the beginning and explain what they offer, which by the way is not offered by any other company in the world. You can see the difficulty right off.

The Solution

When your message is that unique, the solution has to be a creative business marketing video that not only looks good, but informs the viewer. It has to look good, because you need to hold the attention of the viewer in order to be able to explain what you do, since it is not offered by any other company in the world. For this project we tied in aerial footage (which gave an overall view of the facility and a wow factor), b-roll of the facility (to see some of the specific aspects of location), voiceover (to introduce and set the stage for the viewer) and an interview with the executive director (to inform the viewer on the specific services offered). All of that led to the creation of two videos for SolarTAC a full length video at 3 minutes and a shorter 1:45 long video.


Ian Serff – Serff Creative Group Inc.

Ian is the Creative Director for Serff Creative Group. We have worked with Serff Creative Group on many projects over the years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Serff Creative Group brought us in on this project to create a video to show more about what SolarTAC does for their clients.

Dan Harder – VO4U

Dan with VO4U has been a long time collaborator with us. He specializes in amazing VoiceOver work. Watch the video and you will agree.

An additional service that was rendered was aerial photography for promotional use. Samples of the photography are below.