Sell Products and Services with the Energy of Video

Video marketing is a powerful medium.  Video is action, and it compels action from customers. A quality marketing video provides a picture of products and services that says more than a thousand words or any static image can.

By combining live video images with motion graphics and animation techniques, Provident Media Group produces marketing videos that communicate complex concepts like brand value and service integrity. We create and produce videos that strategically communicate the benefits of products and services in ways that even the best sales rep cannot.

Provident Media Group has the cameras and technology to produce both HD and standard resolution video. Our work can be produced for display on any video marketing channel, including television commercial video, Web video, and DVDs.

Contact us to discuss your goals and how a marketing video from Provident Media Group can help you achieve them.

What Clients Say

“Provident Media Group took on the task of pulling together a promo video for an upcoming conference event and did it with integrity. When (my) travel plans got messed up, Corey readily took over the interviewing I had lined up. Interviewees gave very positive feedback from their experience talking with him and I saw the same too as we talked through our plans. The resulting video was something we were all proud of. I’ll hire Provident Media Group again next time I need similar services, I didn’t have to worry about a thing through the whole process.”

– Tyler Mitchell, OSGeo